Lucky: Maris, Mantle, and My Best Summer Ever by Wes Tooke

It’s the summer of ’61 and Louis May has a lot of new things in his life.  His parents have recently divorced and he and his dad have moved in with his stepmom and stepbrother in White Plains, New York.  It’s an uncomfortable arrangement and Louis constantly feels that he’s getting overlooked.  Baseball is the center of Louis’s life and things start to look up when he is hired on as a batboy at Yankee Stadium.

It is the summer of the homerun race between Maris and Mantle, and Louis is right in the thick of it.  But being a batboy and rubbing elbows with famous ballplayers doesn’t make all of your problems go away at home, as Louis will learn quickly.

I enjoyed this book, but, if you’re not a baseball fan, I would not recommend it.  The plot turns a little too easily on the unbelievable event of being hired as a batboy by the Yankees.  Even worse is a cameo by Bob Dylan later in the book.  I recommend to baseball fans ages 9 to 11.

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