Harold And The Purple Crayon Party

Synopsis: Preschool aged program based on Crockett Johnson’s 1955 book Harold And The Purple Crayon.

Budget: Less than $50

Supplies: Basic craft supplies including: Construction paper, toilet paper tubes, googly eyes, large roll of white paper

Directions: We set up several stations in our Children’s Department. We opened the program with a reading of Harold And The Purple Crayon. Children and parents were then free to move from station to station at their own pace.

Station 1: Purple shape art. Children could place basic, pre-cut shapes, onto a black piece of construction paper to create imaginative scenes.

Station 2: Create your own story in a book. We handmade many small books out of construction and art paper, even using twine for the binding. I referenced this video for the binding. Children were invited to write and illustrate their stories on the inside. They could also paste pre-printed name plates on the front of the book. This station was meant mainly as a take away activity.

Station 3: Create A Group Story. We hung large pieces of white paper on a wall and on the floor. Children could use purple paint to decorate and create whatever they wanted. It was interesting to see the final large scale masterpiece at the end of the program.

Station 4: Make A Purple Crayon. This one was pretty on the nose, but children enjoyed the activity. I found instructions for this activity here: https://www.thebestideasforkids.com/toilet-paper-roll-crayons/

Conclusion: This program was well received by young people. The variety of crafts and allowing everyone to self direct proved to be a good choice. I am proud that we were able to bring the community together to celebrate a children’s book published 78 years ago.