“The Lost Track of Time” by Paige Britt

The Plot In Five Sentences Or Less:   The one thing that Penelope wants to be is a writer, but she has no time in her busy schedule to put her thoughts on paper.  But that’s all about to change, because one day, while looking at her schedule, she falls into the Realm of Possibility.  It’s a magical place filled with people who do nothing all day but moodle–sitting around thinking, daydreaming, letting your mind wander so you can come up with marvelous ideas.  But all is not well in this land because a man named Chronos has taken over with his army of Clockworkers and these guys make things run on time.  They don’t believe any time should be wasted and when they realize that Penelope is a threat, they vow to track her down and lock her in the great clock tower.

My Take:  If you like fantastical places, if you like the Wizard of Oz, if you like Alice in Wonderland, you will love The Lost Track of Time

One Interesting Note About the Author:  According to her website, Paige Britt’s favorite place to write is her local public library!