The Moves Make the Man by Bruce Brooks

     Jerome Foxworthy is a black high school student growing up in the sixties in Wilmington, North Carolina. Jerome is smart, athletic and lucky enough to have a strong family. Basketball is Jerome’s passion and every evening he spends out on a basketball court on the edge of town practicing his moves.
When Jerome is tasked to integrate an all white high school, he is pressed for friends. Enter Bix Rivers, a complicated, troubled, but extraordinarily gifted baseball player. With trouble at home eating at him, Bix seems destined to lead a solitary life.
One evening finds both boys at the lone basketball court. There, under the light of an old railroad lantern, a friendship will grow that will test the limits of both of them.
This is one of the best YA sports books ever written. Even if you don’t love sports, you may love this book. Tender and unforgettable, Bruce Brooks’s novel will touch you.

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