Brixton Brothers: The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity by Mac Barnett

   Twelve year old Steve Brixton is a detective.  He’s learned his trade by reading all 58 volumes of the Bailey Brothers mysteries as well as pouring over The Bailey Brother’s Detective Handbook.  He has a magnifying glass, a notebook, and a keen eye for thugs and hoods.

Steve’s detective skills are put to the test when his teacher assigns him an 8 page report on early American quilting.  Despondent over this task, he heads down to the local public library and checks out a book called An Illustrated History of Early American Quilting.  Suddenly, the library is attacked by a gang of masked henchmen!  They kidnap Steve and inform him that his book holds the clues to finding a priceless early American quilt.  Steve must call upon every sleuthing skill from the The Bailey Brother’s Detective Handbook to escape and solve the mystery.

Author Mac Barnett does a wonderful job of spoofing the Hardy Boys in this new detective series.  This book is funny for both children and adults.  I eagerly recommend for kids ages 8+.